CEJ has offered classes at congregations Shirat HaNefesh, Tiferet Israel, and Ohev Sholom in Silver Spring, MD; The Jewish Study Center in Washington, DC; and at the Isabella Freedman Spiritual Retreat Center in Connecticut. The primary themes of the classes include:

Jewish Meditation

  • Three Thousand Years of Jewish Meditation Tradition: from the Bible to Chasidut to Today
  • Developing a Comprehensive Meditation Practice Based on Authentically Jewish Meditation Tradition
  • To Breathe or Not to Breathe? Holy Phrases and Holy Scripture as Tools for Meditation
  • Guided Meditations for a Jewish Spiritual Seeker


  • How to Connect to the Divine in a Personal and Authentic Way
  • How to Make Jewish Liturgy Your Own

Torah Study

  • The Fragrant Bible: Experiencing Biblical Natural Fragrances

Embodied Practices

  • The Holy Practice of Immersion in Today’s Jewish Practice: Bringing Spirituality Back into the Mikvah