Upcoming and Recent Classes


Izabella Tabarovsky has offered classes at congregations Shirat HaNefesh, Tifereth Israel, and Ohev Sholom in the greater Washington, DC areas; The Jewish Study Center in Washington, DC; and at the Isabella Freedman Spiritual Retreat Center in Connecticut.

Izabella’s goal is to offer programming that engages the mind, body and spirit of the Jewish worshipper, while being deeply rooted – conceptually and experientially – in the Jewish tradition.

The primary themes of the classes have included:

Jewish Meditation

  • Three Thousand Years of the Jewish Meditation Tradition: from Bible to Hasidut to Today
  • Developing a Jewish Meditation Practice
  • Holy Phrases and Scripture as Tools for Meditation
  • Guided Meditations for a Jewish Spiritual Seeker


  • Connecting to the Divine in a Personal and Authentic Way
  • How to Make Jewish Liturgy Your Own

Torah Study

  • The Fragrant Bible: Experiencing Biblical Natural Fragrances

Embodied Worship

  • The Holy Practice of Immersion: What Can the Mikveh Experience Teach a Spiritual Seeker?