Day 34: Yesod within Hod

Photo May 23, 6 57 14 PM

Day 34 is about the life-giving force of Yesod within the emotional energy of Hod. Emotional energy is what adds fire to our projects, motivates us to continue even when the going gets tough. And Yesod is about creation and the fulfillment of our fundamental needs as we engage with the physical universe.

Emotions feed everything we do, give color to our lives, motivate us to create and are an inextricable part of our health and well-being. In that way, they nourish our lives on a deep physical level. My friend Eve Soldinger, author of Unexpected Gifts, who writes from the perspective of a Chinese Medicine practitioner, offers a great way to think about it in her post “Fire and Excitement“:

“There’s a natural excitement that we expect when we move into summer and experience that we refer to as the fire element. In our emotional lives, we rely on our relationships for warmth. We know our hearts as the place that responds to the temperature of our relationships… There is an undeniable excitement that we experience when we have the opportunity to have our heart be open and felt.

Sometimes the excitement we seek feels dangerous from the place of our own vulnerability, but many of us feel the intoxication of that special place where we allow ourselves the opportunity to become intimate and therefore warm and honest with another person. This is the definition of the fire element working for your health and well-being where you can assess the possibilities of creating your own source of fire and warmth in your life.”

As you continue to read Eve’s post, think about this: How does emotional energy feed into your fundamental ability to engage with life? How does it feed into your health and well-being? How does it feed into your ability to feel connected to all that is? Your answers to these questions are the essence of Yesod within Hod.

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