Day 27: Creativity in the Service of Our Soul Purpose

Day 27 - pond2On Day 27, we are contemplating Yesod within Netzach. The energy of Yesod helps us experience our needs so that we can go about fulfilling them. (Thanks to Jay McCrensky’s Receiving Holiness for this and other amazing insights about the sefirot!)

This is crucial – and not only for our survival: in many ways, it is through going about fulfilling our needs, in a balanced way, that we engage with and are able to express ourselves in the world.

When we fulfill our needs for food, we unknowingly yet directly participate in shaping the society we live in. If we buy organically-grown food, we support the ongoing flourishing of our planet. We also support either better health for all or a lack of it. And in that way, we also contribute to the shape of our medical and pharmaceutical industries. Depending on what we choose to eat today, we either support exploitation or social justice, environmental sustainability or continued destruction of the environment. On a spiritual level, by choosing what we eat, we either participate  in the promotion of suffering or in restoring well-being and equilibrium to the planet.

When we engage in fulfilling our sexual needs – a crucial energy of Yesod – we participate in the universal process of procreation, and through that, join in multiple social processes as well. What kind of educational systems does our society have? What moral and spiritual values do we inculcate in our children? What kind of material well-being  are we creating for future generations? What systems of justice do we want to bequeath them? Through engaging the energy of Yesod, we engage these crucial aspects of how our world operates.

Inherent in all these actions is our ability to co-create with God, and the energy of Yesod is directly connected to creativity. We can co-create a new life, or we can work in partnership with the Divine to give birth to a new company or a write a new book or produce a new work of art.

So what does it mean to consider creativity within our soul purpose, Yesod within Netzach, as we are asked to do on this day?  According to Kabbalists, we receive our purpose from God. But it is up to us to create specific ways to implement it. After all, there are many ways in which we can fulfill our missions. What will be our starting point? What is our plan? Where will we find partners and supporters? What will we create together in the process? These questions reflect the energy of Day 27. When we seek to answer them, we apply our creativity in order to fulfill our purpose.

2 thoughts on “Day 27: Creativity in the Service of Our Soul Purpose

  1. eve soldinger says:

    I love this Izabella. The creative force really is in the earth, and you show how attached we can be to her in how we live our lives. I’m going to go put my feet in her now and feel it in my life.


  2. embodiedjudaism says:

    Thank you so much, Evie! Yes, we are… isn’t amazing how strong this connection is and how completely unaware of it so many of us are most of the time… I sometimes feel this need to walk barefoot on wet grass – it’s almost as if my whole body and soul are asking for it. It feels so restorative. Shabbat Shalom!


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